Sunday, December 9, 2012

Art. Simply, Art.

Art. Simply, art - exhibition.

In this exhibition I have chosen artworks that exemplify abstract and beautiful simplicity in different mediums. I have chosen artwork from some of my favorite artists, such as:

Ellsworth Kelly, 

Mark Rothko, 

Barnett Newman, 

Piet Mondrian, 

Kazimir (Kasimir) Malevich, 

Edward Weston, Nude, 

Jean (Hans) ARP,

Kazimir (Kasimir) Malevich, 

Kazimir (Kasimir) Malevich,

Josef Albers, 

Georgia O'Keeffe.

These artists come from many different backgrounds, eras and styles but they all have at least one piece of art that is in common with each other. They all at one point in their career made a statement by using a simple shape, negative and minimal color variations. I chose these pieces after looking at the ones I am drawn to, I like simple art, and art that makes you think - which is how I assembled these artists together. I hope you enjoy! 

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